Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

The Spring-Summer 2020 Collection was inspired by the traditional Romanian blouse. 

Traditional embroidery techniques and the unique styling of the national attire are passed on from generation to generation. Stylized, geometric or inspired by nature, the motifs transform a white fabric into a festive garment brimming with meaning.

With a blend of new technologies and hand embroidery, we strive to make each blouse resemble the original designs as closely as possible to preserve the unique beauty of what we consider a national treasure.

Different variants of the blouse have different patterns on the sleeves. On some, you may find repeated motifs, or a variation in the placement of the motifs. Some blouses use one colour for all embroidery, while others showcase two to three.

This style is suited to artistic, confident and modern women who resist boundaries and constrictions. It is flattering on all body types and all ages.

P.S.: The music served as inspiration and a great source of getting to know the cultural heritage. 

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