About Us

Established in 2020, FLORII® is an innovative e-commerce apparel label operating out of Luxembourg and Istanbul. Inspired by women who narrated their personal tales through delicate embroidery on their Blouses, FLORII pays tribute to an age-old practice sustained by creativity and tenacity. At the heart of the FLORII experience lies the belief that fashion is the expression of inner truth. Thus, each outfit you choose possesses a vibrant soul; every detail—colour, texture, drape, cut, style, flow, to name a few—speaks out for something that resides deep within us all. Timeless values such as Love, Justice, and Freedom have been passed down from generation to generation through exclusive artisanal creations of intricate designs and unique weaving techniques.

As a result, FLORII’s carefully curated collection aims to showcase the beauty of enduring style and breathe life into the cultural heritage of humanity. By combining cutting-edge textile technologies with intricate handmade artistry, FLORII’s designs are unrivalled in their quality and individuality. FLORII’s mission is to rediscover apparel that has stood the test of time and revive it for a contemporary setting. Women who appreciate luxury, thoughtfulness and innovation will find a kindred spirit in the one-of-a-kind creations of FLORII. 


The FLORII brand is represented by The Tree of Life. It signifies the idea of vital continuity, a symbol that expresses the harmony between the Divine and the worldly, between heaven and earth, between creator and creation. A representation of constantly evolving life.

We believe that just as we choose to nurture our inner-self, so we are sowing the seeds of a better future for the world we all live in; acting with love, respect, and compassion. Like the leaves of a tree, we are different, we have different colors and textures, but at the same time we can all live in peace, as one, regardless of the things that separate us.