Our Philosophy

The oldest story of Adam & Eve tells us that nature (tree leaves) was human’s first piece of clothing. Nature is an inseparable element of fashion even to this day, as its influence has shifted to motifs, themes and colours commonly found in our everyday wardrobe. However, the modern era is also plagued by environmental issues caused by a careless and negligent attitude towards nature. In fact, the 21st century can be defined by a consumerist culture with the belief that virtually anything can be disposed of and replaced.

We believe in slow fashion and are focused on delivering quality over quantity. Our philosophy encourages clothing to play a significant role in connecting humanity with its roots and nature. With the help of the latest textile technologies, we produce strong fabrics that bear traditional handmade nature-inspired motifs. Our goal is to create high-quality garments which can traverse generations as both a keepsake and ardent statement in support of our beautiful planet.

Core Brand Values